Atomos Ninja V H265 VS ProRes - Why no 10bit 4:2:0 ?

Tim Meyer

Tim Meyer

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If you're asking yourself whether you should use it or not depends on if you are willing to make proxies to handle the H265 files for smooth editing playback. The only machines I know of in 2021 that can seamlessly handle H265 422 10 Bit are the new M1 Macs. If you don't have an M1, don't expect to be able to cut these files or even play them back seamlessly. If Atomos is smart they would add a H265 10bit 4:2:0 option, like you can find on Panasonic, Sony, and DJI products that playback better on all systems. My overall opinion is that H265 HQ holds up well compared to the other ProRes codecs. The MQ does okay, and I would not use the H265 LQ. Shot on Canon EOS R in 10bit 4k.

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Atomos Ninja V H265 VS ProRes - Why no 10bit 4:2:0 ?
Atomos Ninja V H265 VS ProRes - Why no 10bit 4:2:0 ?
Atomos Ninja V H265 VS ProRes - Why no 10bit 4:2:0 ?
Atomos Ninja V H265 VS ProRes - Why no 10bit 4:2:0 ?
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2022-07-17 20:36:16

H.265 Are you shooting with a Canon eosr camera?

2022-05-25 06:29:09

The only difference is in the brutal data consumption in the case of prores"raw" If someone "wants "a large data consumption so only cinema dng, there at least makes some sense, it is real raw with all its benefits.....

2022-05-25 06:09:52


2021-12-04 10:03:48

Hi. Do I loose any quality by converting h265 422 to pro res 422hq for faster editing? I don’t have the option to record directly in pro res.

2021-11-16 22:32:02

Does the benefit of H265 still hold up if we factor in final render time?

2021-11-11 19:21:28

Basically there is only 1 reason to use ProRes over 10bit 422 H265 and that is if you don't have a fast editing machine. My M1 MacBook does a great job with H265 and I completely stopped using ProRes.

2021-09-14 05:07:50

I upgraded and like the h265 HQ 10bit 422. Did you notice the "pulsing" of the image in H265 MQ? I noticed it when testing mine. You might want to go back and check it. It seems to in and out of focus or noisy vs clearer.

2021-07-08 21:44:31

I bought an Atomos Ninja V so I could use it with my Panasonic GH5 and film 4k 60fps at 10bit. I had no idea that using the ProRes codec would make my video editing, with Davinci Resolve, so much easier on the CPU and GPU compared to using h.265 codecs.

I have also discovered that, with a GH5, the h.265 HQ codec at 1080p all-intra 10bit 422 = ProRes HQ. While the GH5 h.265 HQ all-new 10bit 422 codec at 4k = ProRes LT.

2021-07-06 18:29:43

hi how about file sizes 1min recording h265 hq vs ProRes LT ?

2021-07-04 21:29:55

Thanks for this. I'm considering the 'upgrade' too, since the H265 footage is supposed to take up much less space during recording.

2021-06-28 11:31:25

Congratulations!! Nice video!
What you think, the 265 worth 100$?

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