'F2P' Is anyone NOT doing this Gnishak Fusion? | EPISODE 138 | RAID Shadow Legends

Smiley TK

Smiley TK

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✅ Twitch | 🤍🤍twitch.tv/smileytk3 ✅ Discord | 🤍discord.com/invite/52JcFzmMFs ✅ SmileyTK Merch | 🤍🤍smileytk.store/ ✅ BlueStacks (Free) Infinite Raid Auto Clicker - 🤍bstk.me/njYTt9cnm This is Day 514 & Episode 138 of our F2P series "Free Smiles" where I take on a journey towards end game as 100% free to play. Gnishak Verminlord Fusion Event has been live.. but am I going for it? Watch to see what happens next =) Referral Links to download game: 🤍plrm.me/SmileyTKAndroid 🤍plrm.me/SmileyTKiOS #Raid #RaidShadowLegends #raidrpg —— Music by LiQWYD: 🤍🤍soundcloud.com/liqwyd 🤍spoti.fi/2RPd66h 🤍apple.co/2TZtpeG 🤍🤍instagram.com/liqwyd 🤍🤍patreon.com/LiQWYD ——

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'F2P' Is anyone NOT doing this Gnishak Fusion?  | EPISODE 138 | RAID Shadow Legends
'F2P' Is anyone NOT doing this Gnishak Fusion?  | EPISODE 138 | RAID Shadow Legends
'F2P' Is anyone NOT doing this Gnishak Fusion?  | EPISODE 138 | RAID Shadow Legends
'F2P' Is anyone NOT doing this Gnishak Fusion?  | EPISODE 138 | RAID Shadow Legends
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2022-12-22 15:20:02

Borogar... i use him alot in my vault

Ari H-Man
2022-12-22 13:16:33

skipping this one. As bomb as his kit looks, had booked fusion free time for me so

Clean Drop
2022-12-22 03:57:17

im f2p. booked ronda today. she is amazing

2022-12-21 23:17:25

I have 8 of the rares, wish me luck fam!!! I'm all in!

2022-12-21 23:00:01

How do you have so many rare books?

2022-12-21 19:11:59

Hi, Mr. Smiley. Thank you for pumping out all of the excellent RAID content this year. The effort is greatly appreciated. Hope you have an amazing holiday period with your family. P.S. Please tell me you were kidding about letting your F2P clannies carry the CvC load. :(

2022-12-21 18:06:40

Is there a way to set AI for campaign farmer? For example, use A1 of skullcrown for the first two waves, then use A2 for wave 3?

Eric Hazen
2022-12-21 15:53:32

I skipped, didn’t want to Raid much over Christmas season.

lfc 1892
2022-12-21 15:22:48

Lool smiley ogryn is the only one i completed no lego no urogrim it'll be the first you finish lol

Ryan Bennett
2022-12-21 15:06:52

I decided to skip this fusion for a few reasons.

First, the key events are all happening when I am busy and traveling.
Second, spent enough money this year and I just don't have the shards or chickens for the events.
Third, I ALWAYS get the holiday fusions during 2x or two-for-one events.

As good as he seems I just don't need him. Yea, he MAY help my CB team or Hydra team. But I can one key Normal Hydra and Nightmare CB with Acrizia doing 90% of the work.

Freshly Salted Fishing
2022-12-21 15:05:24

I went ftp about 2 mo ago been playing almost 7 mo and I will tell you this is the easiest fusion I've done now that I know what I am doing its really not that hard I even got the epic just pulled 1k+ green shards and burned some silver leveling champs I needed toward the fusion. It truly worked out so I think I will be able to get an extra epic out of this fusion.

Jordan Bradley
2022-12-21 15:03:47

Sucks how I’m 3 months in and still can’t do no fusions lmao I’m ftp and it always ends up being either a energy / time / shards / luck that stops me like come on bro jeez

Brice Jacobs
2022-12-21 14:47:43

One of the better fusions they’ve done, I’m excited to use him in arena

Michael Hill
2022-12-21 14:40:17

Raid is dead

2022-12-21 14:21:37

I skip the fusion. The champion is not bad, but I still think he is overhyped. He can solo dungeons, ok... but other champions (epics) can do the same. I also have a bommal team and do not need him for Hydra.

2022-12-21 14:09:26

I skipped this fusion,

BytemeVV -
2022-12-21 13:57:49

Plarium has raised the bar too, too, high...
...Also has become more out of reach for every event !!!

Lef St
2022-12-21 13:48:03

I’m skipping this fusion as well. I do struggle on Bommel but still I believe the champion is very underwhelming and thus not worth the resource & time investment.

Burnsi TTV
2022-12-21 13:43:55

There is no champ Chase in this Fusion btw :)

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