How the Sixers Solved the James Harden Curse

A.M. Hoops

A.M. Hoops

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The 76ers have become the number 1 team in the East without James Harden. Tyrese Maxey has taken a huge step forward but there’s more to be done. Philly has one more move to make and it could put them into true championship contention.

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How the Sixers Solved the James Harden Curse
How the Sixers Solved the James Harden Curse
How the Sixers Solved the James Harden Curse
How the Sixers Solved the James Harden Curse
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2023-11-24 23:57:48

Bro shut up man ok bro James plays better and Russel Westbrook too is better now man

2023-11-24 01:43:20

Steph klay and dray were def a big 3. They also just had stupid depth cuz Steph was on an extreme lowball contract

2023-11-22 00:45:30

I like the points ur making but saying some of these teams didn’t have a big 3 is nuts bucks jrue khris Giannis raptors kawhi Lowry pascal GS curry klay Poole boy

2023-11-20 17:38:52

They gotta go the depth route.

2023-11-19 06:05:34

Keep the same energy bro when harden gets going and the clippers start rolling

2023-11-18 13:11:18

We all know what will happen to Emchoke the moment playoff comes 😂

2023-11-17 23:17:05

Maxey is cool 😎

2023-11-17 03:23:08

Harden and westbrick curse that means Clippers ain't going nowhere..chris Paul curse..GSW ain't going nowhere hahah

2023-11-17 02:03:35

I said it eight years ago and I’ll say it again. Ballmer doesn’t know how to run a team.

2023-11-16 23:02:29

As a Philly fanatic, I love what
James Harden did cause now were the 1st in the east. Also, now that we have more cap space, we can get more assets. Thanks Harden.

2023-11-16 19:17:50

Yeah the sixers are good but we all know they're gonna find thereselves on a second round exit😂

2023-11-16 14:22:48

all this hype to lose in the 2nd round again ahah

2023-11-16 13:59:43

I bet Philly is laughing all the way to the bank as we speak.

2023-11-16 07:24:57

Harden is poison

2023-11-16 03:05:27

I'm sorry, but this video stopped being credible when you said that Philly could win the championship.

2023-11-15 23:56:38

Philly got things back for Harden, but they didn't need to. They could have literally just deleted him off the roster and instantly be a better team.

2023-11-15 22:06:33

Need some kings content

2023-11-15 21:57:41

Had to dislike the Vid and it had nothing to do with what you said about harden it was disrespecting the 2014 Spurs and there big three

2023-11-15 19:55:41

I hope Sixers GM sends a Christmas gift to Clippers GM. 😂😂😂

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