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Reacting to my OLD RESTRICTIVE TikToks | ED Recovery | Getting Angry at Myself for 15 min LOL


Lets take it back to my early "recovery" content, if we can even call it that ... I've been posting what I eat in a day on TikTok nearly every day since August 2021, when I chose to recover from my eating disorder - anorexia. In these early days I was still CLEARLY restricting my intake, and was not properly committed to ED recovery. It disgusts and shames me that I ever even posted this where it could come up on someone's fyp. I have come such a long way from here, and looking back really put into perspective how much I actually have progressed. However, posting content like this labelled as "RECOVERY" is SO SO SO HARMFUL AND DAMAGING! This is NOT recovery. Well, not true recovery. I may have wanted to change and get better but I certainly wasn't dedicated enough to the process to be making this type of content. If you see this kind of video on your fyp or on your insta and it makes you feel bad, or triggers you, remember that the person posting it likely isn't actually recovering at all. If you are eating more than I did here, you are doing EVERYTHING RIGHT BABY. I'm so sorry for anyone who may have been potentially negatively impacted by my old videos, and I have since removed them. I hope that the content I create now is actually encouraging and inspiring, as I wish it to be. Please note that the content in this video may be triggering for some audiences as it clearly pictures not enough food. None of the videos show what I ate when my ED was "active", only after I had chosen to get better, but it is still not enough food and therefore viewer discretion is advised. Insta - 🤍MillyRecovers TikTok WIEIADs - 🤍MillyRecovers TikTok Recovery Advice - 🤍MillyRecovers2 Love always, Milly xxx

My OLD ED Recovery RESTRICTIVE TikToks | Part 2 | Don't do this ...


The most popular video on my channel by far is when I reacted to my very old, early "recovery" tiktoks... so here's a second part! I started posting what I eat in a day tiktoks in August of 2021, a week or so into recovery from anorexia. In these very early wieiads, I was very clearly still engaging in restrictive behaviours and not fully committing myself to ED recovery. I am ashamed that I ever posted these tiktoks where they could seriously harm a vulnerable young person if it came up on their for you page. I have progressed so much from this point but I still think it is valuable to reflect back on this content, explore WHY what I was doing was harmful and call into question some of these behaviours that YOU may be holding on to that can keep you stuck in semi recovery. My sincerest apologies to anyone who watched and was impacted negatively by my old tiktoks and they have since been removed. I hope that the content I create now is motivating and inspiring as I fully am dedicating myself to weight gain and full recovery. Please note that the content in this video may be triggering for some audiences as it clearly pictures not enough food. None of the videos show what I ate when my ED was "active", only after I had chosen to get better, but it is still not enough food and therefore viewer discretion is advised. Insta - 🤍MillyRecovers TikTok Main - 🤍MillyRecovers TikTok Recovery Advice - 🤍MillyRecovers2 Love always, Milly xxx p.s. Did you see Ro Recovering's video where she also reacted to her old tiktoks? That was a really inspiring video and I teared up a little myself :')

12 Things I Learnt in 12 Months of ED Recovery


Hi Guys! At the beginning of August, I celebrated 1 year of anorexia recovery. It has been such a wild rollercoaster, and it's not been easy, but I've honestly come so far. Here are 12 (of just many) things I've learnt in these last 12 months. Please be aware that I am voicing over a vlog of me celebrating lammas, a pagan festival (you might recall us celebrating litha not long ago) but I am not showing a full day of eating, so pleaase don't compare. Thank you so much for being here with me and supporting me along the way, I love you all so much :) Insta - 🤍MillyRecovers TikTok - 🤍MillyRecovers All my love, Milly xxx Music 🤍 Anna's Podcast 🤍 eating disorder recovery anorexia ed recovery

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✨What I eat in a day *EXTREME HUNGER / ED RECOVERY* pt. 1 ✨|Eating Tiktok Compilation


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NO photos of my ed at it's worse are shown - only photos from during recovery - we don't do unneeded comparisons here xx

What I eat in a Day ED Recovery Tiktok Compilation Part 1


Here is tiktok artist and what they eat in a day enjoy this video I hope it made you hungry Don't forget to like comment and subscribe and ring the notification bell For any collaboration and business inquiries, email me on yumzyfever🤍gmail.com Disclaimer: This video is fair use. According to section 107 of the Copyright Act, certain content may fall under fair use if used for "criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, or research ". It safeguards content that might otherwise be infringing on copyright laws. We do not own any of these videos so please feel free to contact us for inquiries or removal of videos yumzyfever🤍gmail.com

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Can You Exercise In ED Recovery? | Kati Morton


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