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My Weight Loss Journey Moving to Thailand


In this episode we take a look at why and how I came to be in Thailand and follow my first year journey to losing 40KG or over 80lbs. The trip will take us from my first days in Pattaya to current day in Bangsaen. We take a look at my diet and exercise regiment and see what worked for me and how I was able to get back in shape after 50. Enjoy the Ride! #MovingtoThailand #WeightLoss #WeightlossJourney Photo Credit - 🤍KevInThailandpat1 Music Credit - Frontier - 🤍KraleOfficial

Pattaya People Love a Parade - Let's Ride Along


Today is a special day here in Pattaya, it's the one day each year when everyone is Irish. We will join the parade and go parading through Pattaya and then celebrate a special anniversary at one of our favorite eateries in town turning thirty years old this week. #pattaya #rides4kickz #pattayathailand Looking for detailed information about moving to Thailand? Join "The Thailand Survival Guide" 🤍

Southern Thailand Tour - First Stop Hua Hin


Today we leave Pattaya and head to Southern Thailand. Our first major destination will be Phuket, but we will stop and have some fun along the way. Our first evening finds us in the small beach town of Cha Am where we have a look around the beach at sunset and enjoy a meal. The next morning we load back up and head for Hua Hin. Enjoy the Ride! #huahin #Rides4Kickz #Thailand

Sad News in Pattaya Today as I go Back to School


We get some sad news in Pattaya today subsequent to our last trip to the hospital as I go back to school for a day. What is it like to be a college student here in Thailand? We'll take a peek and see a side of life here which is rarely, if ever, shown. #pattaya #rides4kickz #pattayathailand Looking for detailed information about moving to Thailand? Join "The Thailand Survival Guide" 🤍

Return to Pattaya & How to Book a Ship to Paradise


Today it is time to leave Koh Samui and Return to Pattaya. We have 5 hours remaining on the Island and we will see and experience as much of the beauty as possible before boarding the Ship back to Pattaya. We visit several scenic locations and I detail the entire booking process at the end. Chat with me Live on Saturday Night 11/5 at 10pm BKK Time on the Reeshard Travel Show 🤍 #rides4kickz #pattaya #kohsamui Looking for detailed information about moving to Thailand? Join "The Thailand Survival Guide" 🤍

My Pattaya Visa Renewal & New Dark Side Penthouse


We visit a visa agent in Pattaya who will renew my visa before venturing to the dark side to help a friend settle into his new condo. While there the agent shows us the all new penthouse which has stunning views of Pattaya and the Dark Side. #pattaya #pattayathailand #rides4kickz #pattayacondos Moving to Thailand? Join "The Thailand Survival Guide" 🤍

Almost 30 Years ago in Thailand - An Angel Saved Me


In this episode we travel to Rayong, Thailand and visit the scene of my motorcycle accident which occurred in Thailand 28 years ago. Many people have asked why I always say to Always Wear a Helmet, today I answer. I recount the details of my accident and the strange and mysterious woman who helped me off the road all those years ago. We will go to pay our respects to the spirit who may have saved me that day but in the process we learn there really is such a spirit here locally and we are taken to the place where they say she resides. I'll speak about how the entire accident and all of the events around it have connected me to this place, which may be the reason I am here. Enjoy the Ride! Locations: Old Hotel - 12.635860, 101.340059 Condo - 12.635347, 101.341734 Beach - 12.628297, 101.349973 #Thailand #Travel #Rayong

Summoned to The Hospital in Pattaya, It's Bad News


Today I was summoned to the Jomtien Hospital in Pattaya. With our trip to India hanging in the balance and only a few days away, we wait for the diagnosis which will determine the fate of our trip. When the news finally comes it was bad news for the trip, but not what we were expecting at all. #rides4kickz Looking for detailed information about moving to Thailand? Join "The Thailand Survival Guide" 🤍

Pattaya Dinner With a View in a Revolving Buffet


Today we go to the tallest building in Pattaya for dinner. There is a restaurant on the 54th floor of Pratumnak Tower which features a revolving buffet with spectacular views. I feel the buffet is a good value and it proves to be one of the best places to spend an evening in Pattaya right now. #Pattaya #Thailand #Rides4Kickz #PattayaThailand

Happy New Year - Pattaya 2022 Our Year in Review


Join us as we look back on Year 2022 and all we've done on Youtube right here in Pattaya. I'll walk you through both our Top 10 viewer favorite videos as well as my Top 10 favorite videos of the Year 2022. What was your favorite video of the year? Let us know and Happy New Year to all. #pattaya #rides4kickz #pattayathailand Looking for detailed information about moving to Thailand? Join "The Thailand Survival Guide" 🤍

Pattaya Thailand - Getting there from the Airport


Today we meet Angie, a lady who runs a local taxi business here in Pattaya Thailand and she specializes in airport pickups where she can take you to Pattaya or beyond even. We will get to know Angie a bit and find out about her business and the services she provides. We will also enjoy a meal and ask you the viewer to guess the cost of the food in hopes of winning a free BKK Airport to Pattaya taxi ride. Enjoy the Ride! #Pattaya #Thailand #PattayaThailand

Leaving Pattaya for Up-country - The Untold Story


Entirely filmed by Vee, This is the untold story of three days up-country in search of ancient documents needed to satisfy Thai Authorities at an ID Card Station in Rural Thailand. This is unseen footage until now, with glimpses of some events rarely ever seen outside of Pattaya. #pattaya #rides4kickz Looking for detailed information about moving to Thailand? Join "The Thailand Survival Guide" 🤍

Perfect Pattaya Sunset With a Thai Instagram Model


Today we meet some new friends in Pattaya and enjoy a perfect Pattaya sunset with a Thai Instagram Sensation called Icecy. We will visit the new beach in Jomtien for some local fare before going out for an evening in Pattaya. See links for Icecy below and enjoy! See More of Icecy: Web - 🤍 Instagram - 🤍 YouTube - 🤍IcecyMyStyle #pattaya #pattayathailand #rides4kickz

Using an Agent in Pattaya to Renew my Thai License


In this episode we travel to Pattaya and attempt to renew my Thai Driver's License. Right now in Thailand there can be very long ques for renewing licenses. There is an app for this purpose but there are issues surrounding that. For this reason, I contract an agency to assist me with this. We will need to get a medical certificate first and then schedule an appointment for next week. Enjoy the Ride! #Pattaya #Thailand #DriversLicense

Two Pattaya Beach Road Hotels - $25 versus $85 USD


In this episode we will visit and compare two hotels located directly on Beach Road in Pattaya. We will see what our money gets as we compare $25 to $85 USD hotel rooms, amenities and swimming pools on the same block. Then you decide, is the nicer room and pool worth the extra cost or does the more budget friendly hotel make more sense? Either way this also shows there are accommodations available for every budget, Enjoy the Ride! Locations: Avani - 12.928922, 100.879477 BayWalk - 12.929002, 100.877633 #Pattaya #Hotel #Comparison

Spending the Night in a Luxury Pattaya Villa


Today our guests arrive to the Luxury Pattaya Villa where we will all be spending the night. They are wowed by the villa as soon as they enter and begin taking their selfies and enjoying the pool. We enjoy sunset at the beach, have a barbeque and I'll ask a traveler who recently came to Thailand for a holiday if all the trouble was worth it. Enjoy the Ride! Join the facebook fan page for exclusive updates: 🤍facebook.com/Rides4Kickz #Pattaya #Villa #PattayaVilla #Rides4Kickz



Met up with Loucous at Bali Hi Lighthouse, Pattaya's biggest Youtuber. Flew the new DJI Air 2 then had a ride into town. Almost 2 accidents, then a hyperlapse drive home. Re edited and uploaded. Check out Rides 4 Kicks channel, 🤍

Buying Shots in Pattaya Has Multiple Meanings


There are many recreational things to do in Pattaya. Buying shots is historically done at bars in town. Today I redefine that by visiting some local shooting ranges and buying shots of a different kind. How much does it cost and what are the offerings? You may be surprised. #pattaya #thailand #rides4kickz #pattayathailand Join "The Thailand Survival Guide" 🤍

Touring Thailand - Last Day and Night on Koh Chang


In this episode we visit a market pier with guest houses and a small quiet resort called The Beach Cafe, where we enjoy a meal and take a look at the hotel rooms. This is the end of our 4 day trip to the big island of Thailand and we spend our last evening beach side with a great band and a spectacular tiki show. Enjoy the Ride Locations: The Beach Cafe - 11.974776, 102.322692 Bang Bao Pier - 11.968562, 102.315385 Sabai - 12.107922, 102.270760 Red Monkey - 12.102943, 102.273971 #Thailand #Travel #Tourism

Always Something New in Thailand - Go Big or Go Home


In this episode we try a small local restaurant close to the beach in Bangsaen, Thailand, which is known to have a colossal chicken burger. Luckily we arrive at the restaurant shortly before 5pm and are able to get a table. Although I had my doubts about just how big this sandwich would be, I was more than impressed once it arrived to the table on a plank of wood. Will both of us together be able to finish off this burger or will the mammoth mountain of french fries and onion rings do us in. Come along and find out, Enjoy the Ride! Colossal Challenge - Hit me up if you would like to try and eat the entire burger by yourself. I will pay for the meal for the first person who finishes the entire platter by themselves in under 90 minutes. Location - 13.284708, 100.917870 #Thailand #Bangsaen #LivinginThailand

Pattaya PAST & PRESENT - Remembering Better Times


Today I remember some good times in Pattaya. I piece together some of the past with the present to show the changes in Pattaya but also to remember the better times along the way with hopes they return soon. The contrast is stark to say the least, Enjoy the Ride! #Pattaya #Thailand #PattayaThailand #Rides4Kicks

Полетел в Дубаи


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Weekend Vlog | Kite Flying | Fun Activities | Bikes | Rides | Seaside and more| Basant/Kite Festival


Weekend Vlog | Kite Flying | Fun Activities | Bikes | Rides | Seaside and more | Basant Festival | Hala Feb Activities in Kuwait | Alfarsi International Kite Festival 🤍SmilingLife Salaam Everyone! Hope you r doing well. In this video we are showing you events in Kuwait from different places. Hope you ll enjoy it. Clips in this video are captured in "Alfarsi International Kite Festival Kuwait" near Al-Ad'ami and Abu-AlHasania, Kuwait. So, Don't forget to hit the like button and do subscribe with bell icon. #basant #basantfestival #kitefestival #kites #kitelovers #safekiteflying #kuwaitevents #weekendvlog #rides #bikes #seaside #promotepatanbazi 🤍kiteflyingshorts #viral lahorekiteclub #lahorepatangbazi basant festival kuwait,kuwait,basant festival,kuwait festival,basant festival 2023,kite festival kuwait,kuwait kite festival,kite festival in kuwait,kuwait kite festival 2023,kuwait kite festival 2023,kuwait basant 2023,al farsi international kite festival kuwait,kuwaiti accent,pakistani in kuwait,kuwait accent,living in kuwait,basant in lahore,kuwait tv,life in kuwait,kite festival in canada,kite festival 2023,kuwait jobs and lifestyle kuwait,kuwait national day,when is hala february in kuwait 2023,small dessert area in kuwait,hala february celebration in kuwait | latest 2023 |,dessert area in kuwait,places were you can go in kuwait,weekend outing in kuwait,hala february activities,kuwait national day craft,camping area in kuwait,kuwait (country),halakuwait kuwait 2023,hala feb light decoration kuwait,hala february kuwait 2023,zain kuwait,kuwait celeberation weekend vlog,weekend in my life vlog,weekend,weekend in my life,weekend vlog nyc,weekend vlog: gno,weekend vlog nyc 2023,vlogs,productive weekend,study weekend vlog,weekend study vlog,nyc weekend vlo,productive weekend in my life,cottage weekend vlog,cabin weekend,weekend with me,productief weekend,weekend in my life nyc,summer weekend in my life,weekend away with my girlfriend,productief weekend in mijn leven,nicole laeno vlogs,weekendvlog kite flying,flying kites,start flying kites,flying big kites,flying kites in australia,flying 100 kites,100 kites flying,kites,flying kites 2023,kites flying,#kite flying,flying kite,flying kites on sunday,kite flying shorts,punjabi munde flying kites,how to flying kites,flying kites on beach,flying kites on maagi,kite flying, bikes,road bikes,steel bikes,gravel bikes,carbon bikes,mountain bikes,bikes and beards,aluminium bikes,giant bikes,sport bikes,e bikes,ebikes,on bikes,old bikes,kids bikes,dutch bikes,motor bikes,canyon bikes,bikers,vintage bikes,amazing bikes,bikes for kids,electric bikes,vs bikers,tyla custom bikes,cool sports bikes,baby biker,dutch riding bikes,dirt bikes for kids,buying super bikes,our new super bikes,electric dirt bikes video,pakistani flying kites,c4u kite flying,kite flying vlog,big kite flying,flying beast,australia flying kites rides,video,disney rides,slides,disneyland rides,disney world rides,all rides,flat rides,mack rides,best rides,dark rides,epcot rides,blippi videos,rides 4 kickz,rides 4 kicks,water slides,justin hawkins rides again,germany rides,rides for kicks,las vegas rides,the strat rides,all major rides,dangerous rides,funny uber rides,new disney rides,rides adventure,amusement rides,theme park rides,epcot rides 2023,rad rides by troy seaside and beyond,seaside,seaside and beyond review,msc seaside,firewire seaside and beyond,seaside and beyond surfboard,seaside vs gg,the seaside and beyond,seaside and beyond machado,seaside and beyond fins,ci mid vs seaside and beyond,seaside and beyond vs ci mid,surfing seaside and beyond,seaside vs seaside and beyond,firewire seaside and beyond sizing,seaside & beyond,rob machado seaside and beyond,seaside and beyond rob machado basant festival,basant,basant festival 2023,kite festival,basant 2023,pindi basant,pindi basant festival 2023,rawalpindi basant festival,basant festival in pakistan,basant in pakistan,rawalpindi basant festival 2023,rawalpindi basant,basant festival 2023,rawalpindi basant 2023,basant festival in lahore,basant 2023,pindi basant 2023,riyadh basant festival 2023,basant in lahore,basant vlog,lahore basant,flying kites on basant,basant in rawalpindi

Kids enjoying rides at Twin Park #twinpark #rides #shorts #youtubeshorts #shortvideos #ridesharing


Enjoying rides at twin park #Smilinglife #twinparkrides #shorts #enjoyment #enjoyingmoment #enjoyinglife #ridestatus #ride #riders #rideshare #short #shortvideo #shortsvideos rides, scary rides,rides 4 kickz,rides 4 kicks,rides for kicks,dangerous rides,slides,theme park rides,ridez for kicks,tires,enlever les rides,les rides,park rides,flat rides,video,astuce rides,disney rides,videos,water slides,dangerous theme park rides,soin des rides,conseils rides,carnival rides,contre les rides,cacher les rides,new disney rides,360 video,adv rider,soigner ses rides,traiter ses rides,effacer ses rides #shortvideos #beautifulvideostatus #beautifulweather #rainwhatsappstatus #BeautifulRainInIslamabad #islamabadnow #youtube #trending #trendingshorts #trendingstatus #youtuber #subscribe #youtubelikes #youtubevide #youtubemarketing #youtubeviews #instavideo #instayoutube Rain in Islamabad | Beautiful Rain in Islamabad | Islamabad Rain | Smiling Life Follow on Insta: 🤍 Visit Channel: 🤍 Other videos and vlogs on our channel: Pakistan Independence Day 🤍 🤍 Airfryer Chop 🤍 Qehwa 🤍 Sura e Fatiha 🤍 Eid takbeerat 🤍 🤍 Ramzan Mubarak Dahi Bhala Masala 🤍 what kids are doing here? 🤍 Unboxing Doodle Book 🤍 Heavy Snow in US 2021 🤍 Exploring Kuwait Towers: 🤍 Kuwait towers overview: 🤍 Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah| A Tribute to Our Quaid: 🤍 Pakistan Defence Day Special 6th September : 🤍 Heavy Snow in US 2021 🤍 Exploring Kuwait Towers: 🤍 Kuwait towers overview: 🤍 how to make punjabi style panjeeri 🤍 how to make gajjar ka halwa in easiest way? گاجر کا حلوہ بنانے کی آسان ترکیب 🤍 how to make khoya or mawa from milk powder 🤍 Islamic Status 🤍 🤍 🤍 Ramzan Mubarak Dahi Bhala Masala 🤍 🤍 Unboxing Doodle Book 🤍 Heavy Snow in US 2021 🤍 Exploring Kuwait Towers: 🤍 Kuwait towers overview: 🤍 Pakistan Independence Day Special (Preparations) : 🤍 Pakistan Independence Day Special (Celebrations) : 🤍 Pasta Salad... Who is making Today...? 🤍 Fried Chicken Strips (Kid's Edition): 🤍 Shami kabab: 🤍 Eid Special Mutton Karahi: 🤍 Eid Special Instant Dessert: 🤍 Covering Stove with Aluminium: 🤍 Elsa: 🤍 1st Long Slide ... It was fun and excitement of life: 🤍 Mooli k Parathay, Redish Parathay: 🤍 Gur aur channa daal walay chawal 🤍

PATTAYA | Who's This? Cheater!


🤑🤍 A great day in this enormous park, but I think Fah wants someone bigger! Location: -Nong Nooch Tropical Garden สวนนงนุชพัทยา Nongnooch Pattaya 🤍 Please consider "liking" my Facebook page and following my instagram. That has the most current information on what will be in future videos, where we are now, and where we are going. 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 Gear I use: (Main Camera)Sony Zv-1 (Ulanzi Wide Angle attachment) Drone DJI Mini 2 (secondary camera) Action Camera- Gopro Hero 8 Portable gimbal Camera- DJI Osmo Pocket External microphones Saramonic 500 pro interview kit Rode Video Mic Micro with Deadcat Samsung Note 10+ Edited on Davinci Resolve

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traffic rider video / Kawasaki ninja h2r ride


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Top 10 Insane Amusement Rides In The World 🌍 Urdu Hindi | BW FACT


Top 10 Insane Amusement Rides In The World 🌍 Urdu Hindi | BW FACT 10 scariest rides in the world 10 scariest rides in the world Content 10 Giant Valley. Colorado (USA) 9. Formula Rossa Abu Dhabi (UAE) 8. Of Kingda. New Jersey (USA) 7. Colossus. Chirpsey (England) 6. Furious Baku. Salo (English) 5. Steel Dragon. Nagashima (Japan) 4. Catapult "Flying Dutchman". Ist-Kaminogorsk (Kazakhstan) 3. Slingshot. Saint Petersburg, Russia) 2. Tower of Terror. Queensland (Australia) 1. Unique stratosphere. Las Vegas (USA) Everyone deals with stress in their own way, but not everyone knows that the world's scariest rides will be a good help in this matter. Top 10, including falling from a great height, bad speed, "dead loop". Along with extreme sports, this method is most effective in solving psychological problems. Therefore, adults are drawn like a magnet to amusement parks – you can get a good dose of adrenaline there, which will make you stronger, more energetic, and help you deal with any adversity in life. . swing electro swing swing hop neo swing swing house swing dance electro swing thing swing music future swing electro swing dance make swing great again electro swing 2021 #swing swinge sofi tukker - swing swing band golf swing swing lynn swing songs swing beats greek swingsummer swing spring swing little swing electro swing collection swing official music video swing dancing hooked on swing sing with swing swing jazz party rides flat rides slides dangerous rides justin hawkins rides again funny video fair rides dark rides video scary rides best videos rides 4 kickz rides 4 kicks insane rides thrill rides reaction video water slides dangerous theme park rides las vegas rides the strat rides rides for kicks state fair rides pet videos best fun fair rides stratosphere rides president joe biden top 10 scariest rides best state fair rides amusement park amusement rides amusement parks amusement park rides rides amusement ride amusement scary amusement park rides gerstlauer amusement rides amusement park rides banned,killer amusement park rides amusement park accidents amusement park rides accidents most unusual amusement park rides world craziest amusement park rides dangerous rides 20 amusement rides that killed people flat rides theme park rides dangerous theme park rides

Leaving Pattaya on The Most Dangerous Road Around


Today I leave Pattaya on a ride to visit one of the most dangerous roads around which includes hairpin curves straight up to an amazing viewpoint. Then we visit the Chonburi Sky Walk for lunch. Map directions below, enjoy 👍 Directions to Mountain Road: 1. Closest point of interest - Got Barber 🤍 2. Next turn off at curve in road: 13.154298, 101.411238 3. Last turn off and the base of the mountain road 13.154744635116288, 101.41279936154164 Chonburi SkyWalk: 🤍 #pattaya #pattayathailand #rides4kickz Looking for detailed information about moving to Thailand? Join "The Thailand Survival Guide" 🤍

Koh Larn RE-OPENS and it's BEAUTIFUL


As soon as Koh Larn opened up we went to check it out after no one had been allowed to visit for 2 months due to Covid-19 Rides 4 Kicks YouTube Channel 🤍 Bali-Has Resort Facebook page for bookings 🤍

Amazing Water Slid Ride 💦 |Tirupati Rusivan Adventures Park Vijaynagar 😲#shorts #viralshorts


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Thermae Cafe Today | Bangkok Sukhumvit Midnight Look Around So Many Freelancers After 10.30 PM


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Pattaya 'Hungry Now' Gameshow


#HungryNow #PattataLunchSwap GET 20% OFF HUNGRY NOW DELIVERIES DETAILS: Name of the Voucher code: LUNCHSWAP20 Discount type: 20% OFF on all restaurants in HungryNow for minimum purchase of 200THB Usage limit: This code can be used UNLIMITED NUMBER of times  Starting date:  21st January, 2021 (12 am) Expiry date: 28th January, 2021 (11:59 pm) Please note that Voucher codes cannot be used with already discounted items Big thank you to Hungry Now for making this possible. To view the other vlogs below is links to all the channels involved Rides4kicks 🤍 Greeny Travels - 🤍 Chocolate Man in Thailand - 🤍 Le Pub Pattaya - 🤍

That's Amazing 😲 Crazy Rides That Give Me Anxiety


That's Amazing 😲 Crazy Rides That Give Me Anxiety Be My Family by SUBSCRIBE my Channel lots of love for you ❤️🤗 Do you ride it? RIDING the TALLEST ROLLER COASTER The Most INSANE WATERPARK! crazy rides that give me anxiety,crazy amusement park rides,crazy amusement park rides rides slides theme park rides disney rides dangerous rides disneyland rides,enlever les rides les rides theme park pov rides amusement park rides flat rides,moser rides scary rides best videos rides 4 kickz rides 4 kicks efface rides reaction video tires water slides dangerous theme park rides las vegas rides the strat rides rides for kicks carnival rides scariest rides,combleur rides,amusement rides universal rides contre les rides #crazyride #rollercoaster #slingshotride #amazing #wow

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PATTAYA THAILAND NOVEMBER 2021 WALK AROUND UPDATE, Thailand Travel, Pattaya Thailand 2021


PATTAYA THAILAND NOVEMBER 2021 WALK AROUND UPDATE, Thailand Travel, Pattaya Thailand 2021 Royalty free music: Music: Flow Musician: LiQWYD Aloha! I hope you enjoy the video. New content on travel, early retirement, investing and living a healthy, positive life every week. I am a digital nomad, a full time traveler and an expat from the states. I will chat about my investments on the community posts. Like and Subscribe Mahalo! #thailand #pattaya #treetownpattaya #thailandtravel #thailandpass #thailandtravelrequirements #thailandquarantine #bangkok #bangkoktravel #thailandtravel2021 #bangkokAQhotel #Digitalnomad #Expat Books by Christopher LaVoie: Annexation! Historical collection of articles surrounding the annexation of Hawaii. 🤍 Starkeys Boys. US Navy Deep sea diving in the Hawaiian Islands. 🤍 Urban Prepper. Prepping for emergencies in an urban environment. 🤍 Minimalist travel equipment used by Retire and Go: Burton Annex Backpack 🤍 Iphone 12 pro max 🤍 Cable connected lapel microphone for Iphone 🤍 DJI Osmo 4 gimble 🤍 Microsoft Surface laptop 🤍 Columbia Hiking sandals 🤍 Columbia lightweight long sleeve hiking shirt 🤍 Columbia lightweight cargo shorts 🤍 Waterproof stick sun block 🤍 Travel utinsil set 🤍 Travel food container 🤍 Light ball cap 🤍 Tactical Neck Scarf 🤍 Travel Spork non metal 🤍 Tough Tested Brand Portable Battery 🤍 Social Media: Dont be fooled by imposters! Dont respond to any What s app comments. They are all scams Actual Instagram: retireandgoyoutube Actual Twitter: RetireandGoYT Actual Facebook page: Retire and Go YouTube Channel

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