Oella FUSION PLAN for F2P/Low-spenders! | Raid: Shadow Legends

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Breaking down the events and tournaments you need to do to fuse Oella in Raid: Shadow Legends! Become a Member of The Nub Club to help support the channel! :) 🤍🤍youtube.com/channel/UCrkwDWg8CPRkVa0fWUBaQBw/join LINKS HERE!: Twitch ► 🤍🤍twitch.tv/nubkeks Main Channel ► 🤍🤍youtube.com/nubkeks Twitter ► 🤍twitter.com/Nubkeks Discord ► 🤍discord.gg/FHTFXyv Patreon ► 🤍🤍patreon.com/nubkeks Thanks for watching, see you all next time! :D #nubkeks #raidshadowlegends

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Oella FUSION PLAN for F2P/Low-spenders! | Raid: Shadow Legends
Oella FUSION PLAN for F2P/Low-spenders! | Raid: Shadow Legends
Oella FUSION PLAN for F2P/Low-spenders! | Raid: Shadow Legends
Oella FUSION PLAN for F2P/Low-spenders! | Raid: Shadow Legends
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Adam Barker
2023-02-15 15:10:55

Love these break downs. Much appreciated.

Levi Driskell
2023-02-14 17:07:51

So I can’t get all 16 of the rares from tournaments and events?

Josh Bryant
2023-02-10 20:41:33

Phak this fusion

2023-02-10 12:36:39

There is no guide needed. This fusion is do everything or else :D

Alex Davis-mann
2023-02-10 10:22:00

got to love how plariums like hey because Apple are twats and raising the prices we going to raise all our prices to make sure we get our cut.

Alex Davis-mann
2023-02-10 10:21:05

my plan is champ trraining :P

2023-02-10 05:14:18

Using voids on the champion chase is a jebait. Every one of these I tend to a pull ancients and get at least one of the rares if not two and during Gnishak I got one of the epics and two of the rares but they had a reason for me to pull ancients then. Switching to 2X voids is just a sly way of screwing people without them even realizing it.

Matt Gibson
2023-02-10 03:23:08

Skipping fusion, stopped spending but continuing to play for now.

Nelliel Tu
2023-02-10 03:22:14

She seems interesting... Will try my best as a free to play

2023-02-10 01:34:24

Thanks for the rundown once again Nubs.

This is a big oof to me - effectively no skippables, and Champion Chase + double in Summon Rush. Basically makes it a no go for my FTP account. Unless there are enough skippers in my groups and it makes getting a tournament reward one easy (are there any?).

This is a one epic, and a few of the rares for me I'm thinking.

Given I have 1 sacred and 9 voids to my name currently. (have 2 legs ready to fuse too, and a couple epics). Likely better to hold off. (the credits, energy/gems, brews and stages all sweet but yeah).

If I knew how many points we needed in the summon rush before hand I could work it out, but I might as well kinda skip and save rather than invest and not be able to make it. I have plenty of mystery shards but I'm not pulling more than 2k of them ever again.


Give me a damn skippable (so I can skip the tail end of summon rush) next time please!!


Re tournament for a lego - yeah, that's just a lost cause for an account like mine ever :P

Hoo Ässä
2023-02-09 23:55:13

You help alot on my freshly started journey with this game, thx man!

2023-02-09 21:30:00

It's such a despicable move to place the summon rush in the second week.

2023-02-09 21:21:43

They should tell us before any fusion takes place, how many points will be required for the summon rush. I don't understand why this company keeps treating us so badly. It really makes me think it wants us to hate this game.

2023-02-09 20:46:26

Annoyingly, there is two Champion Training Events instead of one Event and one Tournament, so you cannot earn points by using books this time.

Mike Hernandez
2023-02-09 20:44:40

0uEy67GpNzA&t=3m16s 3:16 Huge red flag, considering they made you spend up to 10 sacreds (4900 event points) during Pythion for the extra 15 fragments. I was intending to do the fusion, then learned a little more about the type of fusion and became less inclined and this has just continued as the drip, drip, drip news regarding the fusion kept coming. Now with, the 2nd traditional fusion in a row they don't offer up an epic (if I recall correctly), this just screams "run, don't walk" to the nearest exit. Shame. Oella looks awesome, but with just an ok kit (I know some are more hyped) seems like a, as Plarium puts it, "no-brainer" skip. Another huge red flag is the last dungeon divers where there are 2 rares up for grabs. Even one is pretty hard, and I'm extremely wary of what a double one will look like.

Henry Leeves
2023-02-09 20:40:06

Gonna save up 8 sacreds for the Summon rush - case solved. NOT looking forward to finish the second dungeon divers and two artifact enhancements

2023-02-09 20:23:00

I wish it was 8 sacred for summon rush, but I will bet a month salary it's gonna be 10...

2023-02-09 19:50:55

do you think they will do a 7 sacred summon rush for both rares or a double rare for 10 sacreds(4.9 k)

wouldn't using the sunken cost fallacy of people this far in the fusion be the perfect time to raise the price and force them to spend or fail?

2023-02-09 19:36:45

nub whats your opinion on using blues for champ chase to get a rare or epic?

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