PYTHION FUSION PLAN for F2P/Low-spenders! | Raid: Shadow Legends

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Breaking down the events and tournaments you need to do to fuse Pythion in Raid: Shadow Legends! Become a Member of The Nub Club to help support the channel! :) 🤍🤍 LINKS HERE!: Twitch ► 🤍🤍 Main Channel ► 🤍🤍 Twitter ► 🤍 Discord ► 🤍 Patreon ► 🤍🤍 Thanks for watching, see you all next time! :D #nubkeks #raidshadowlegends

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PYTHION FUSION PLAN for F2P/Low-spenders! | Raid: Shadow Legends
PYTHION FUSION PLAN for F2P/Low-spenders! | Raid: Shadow Legends
PYTHION FUSION PLAN for F2P/Low-spenders! | Raid: Shadow Legends
PYTHION FUSION PLAN for F2P/Low-spenders! | Raid: Shadow Legends
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Magnum Gvegas
2023-01-16 15:44:55

I hate champion training, so I usually skip one of them and one of the 5 pointers near the end and with three artifact enhancements on this one, I'll definitely skip the last one. Maybe the second one, so I have some time to save up silver for the third one. Yes, I know champ training is a great time to rank up some champs, but it takes a lot of time, energy and silver. Not to mention the brews.

M. Cook
2023-01-15 19:00:37

Get well bro take care just do what you need to enjoy life

Mike Sas
2023-01-15 01:47:59

Is Skrirax(that is mentioned in Pythions lore) Some character in the game? Am I missing something? Can he be some upcoming champion?

old Scorpion 68
2023-01-14 21:11:10

i hope you feel better and thanks for the video .first time trying this and im level 88 LOL i think im on point im sitting at 50 right now and wating for fire night to start...stay strong ....

2023-01-14 16:02:24

I was working on getting the fusion, was doing well, then pulled him last night lol

Respati Jaka
2023-01-14 01:53:49

When i'm blind about fusion, your video help me to achieve my first fusion. You explained every event and tournament one by one, even show Me how to do traine champ, how much you pull shard and ect. And now here i'm with little bit preparation i can do all fusion by my self. Thanks a lot!

dan krocka
2023-01-14 00:21:15

They make this impossible for F2P players. I stopped spending money on this game long ago. I could buy entire games for 50 bucks, let alone 100-200 for this event just to get a champion.

Bigguss Dickuss
2023-01-13 20:47:07

Dungeon divers is at 3350 that is 500 more than usual

Sokratis Dalakas
2023-01-13 20:45:28

Sorry to hear you are sick Nub. Thanks for the great content you have time to post. Always good to see your vids.

Mike Ernsting
2023-01-13 18:36:51

thanks for this vid dude, best of luck with the crohns

Chris Juarez
2023-01-13 17:18:57

I should have watched this. Why didn't I think to overlap ice and dungeon dive 😐

2023-01-13 13:14:20

Sorry to hear about your health issues man, hope things pick up for you soon - take care!

Javito The Destroyer
2023-01-13 10:03:39

I farmed my IG with My Champ Training and I'm already done. Now I have dungeon divers and I'll keep my position on Ice Golem for now.

Kenny Wideen
2023-01-13 08:31:09

Thanks for all the help with these fusions! Hope you’ll feel better soon

Cem Re
2023-01-13 08:15:21

Nice video, I am always looking for a video like this before a fusion starts, just to make sure that my thoughts match with other people, so that I dont make a stupid mistake in my own plan XD

Wesley McLain
2023-01-13 08:03:58

Damn, I'm done with champion training already. Got my 15 shards from it day 1 so I can spend tomorrow ensuring that Ice Golem gets done triple dipping the Ice Golem tournament, Dungeon Divers, and the Block Revive clan quest for 350 clan gold.

Batman VR
2023-01-13 04:01:43

Hope you get better. Prayers mate.

Robert Covert
2023-01-13 03:48:16

Good luck to you Nub hope everything works out with the new med and you get to feeling better

Birdie Numnum
2023-01-13 03:33:31

How much energy and silver must have someone who is F2p 2 months in the game ?

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