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📚#Pomodoro Study 🎧#Playlist 🌉#Stunning Views ____________________ Nice to meet you! My name is Abao. an International student from China🐼 studying Art History at Waseda University, Japan. I make high quality "Study With Me" video. By using my Study With Me video you can - ⏰ maximize your productivity (I use the best time management method "Pomodoro Technique") - 🌃 study in a special atmosphere away from your daily environment (I use the most stunning view and🎷 the most soothing music to create the best study vibe for you) 🌏 I also have a 24/7 music radio/chat room where you can meet study buddy from all over the world Because of the COVID-19, We all have to start studying alone at home Do you feel lonely or feel like you can't concentrate? I hope my video helps you in these moments 🌿 ©︎ 2022 阿鲍Abao 

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