Bert Brandsma


Welkom op het YouTube kanaal van Bert Brandsma, musicus en politiek verslaggever, sinds september 2022 met name voor BLCKBX politics. Dit kanaal dient ook als back-up voor BLCKBX in noodgevallen. About: Bert Brandsma is a versatile freelance musician, who earned 3 Conservatory degrees and had for 28 years a very succesfull, fulltime career playing concerts until in 2022 a chain of political decisions (Brexit, Pandemic restrictions) ended all those beautifull events. Since then he has been active as watcher and video-editor of political debates, mostly in NL, first independent, since september 2022 mainly for BLCKBX TV. That is during weekdays, in the weekends Bert still plays lots of music! Experience: 12 years Cologne Opera House, 10 years with British Jazz/Blues legend Chris Barber, since 1994 the Dixieland Crackerjacks and brand new in 2022 Bert Brandsma and his Swing, Jazz & Blues Orchestra.

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Dixieland Crackerjacks -Jazzclub Dissen - Charleston

Dixieland Crackerjacks -Jazzclub Dissen - Charleston

Bert Brandsma
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