Writer, VA and artist for Friday Night Funkin' With Lyrics videos, as well as other video game media! (Formerly known as Smudge Epicly) FAQ: "What do you use to make lyric videos?" - Google docs for writing, Adobe Premiere Pro for editing, Ibis paint x for art and Bandlab for recording. "Can I VA or do art for your videos?" - I have enough people on my team and I'm not looking for more at the moment, if I am I will notify you all that I'm hosting auditions. "Can you do art/singing for my videos?" - Only if I'm friends with you or I know you, otherwise I'm not accepting any project offers. "Can I cover/sing any of your videos?" - Sure! Just credit me and it's all good. "Can you do (x) song with lyrics?" - I don't really take requests, as I prefer doing whatever I'm interested in. Sometimes I will ask for suggestions just to know what you'd wanna see tho. pfp and banner art by

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