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Watchers Club is No1 Walking Tour LIVE TV Channel in Youtube. Hello! All friends in the world! 🕺💃 Sharing videos taken while traveling all over the world & shows you the wonderful streets of various cities live. You can watch real-time live by subscribing. ▶️ You can register as a member to watch high-definition videos around the world. Real-time live for members only, special video that only members can watch. Sign up ▶️ Direct donation for the Watchers Club's round-the-world trip ▶️ Donate Paypal Enjoy the walking tour video of a city in a more enjoyable and happy world. ▶️ To download the sound source used in the Watchers Club video, refer to the link below. ▶️ Epidemicsound #walkingtour #travelvlog #live #worldtour #aroundtheworld

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